Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Mayor – Farmer – Businesswoman

First Woman Mayor of Winters


Small Business Woman


Family Farmer


State Assemblymember


Assembly Majority Leader


Vice-Chair Women's Legislative Caucus


Member, Committees on:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Select committees on Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Local Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Reproductive Health, and Wildfire Prevention, Wine
  • Joint Committees on Fairs Allocation and Classification, and Emergency Management Chair

Throughout her life, Cecilia has fought for small and medium size cities and rural communities.

As a single mom, small businesswoman, family farmer and former mayor, she understands the challenges families face. While our state is full of opportunity, we still face high prices, a lack of affordable housing, access to quality health care, an assault on women’s rights and reproductive freedom, climate crisis and the resulting fires, floods and drought.

As a leader in the battle to make our voices heard in a legislature dominated by Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Cecilia has made real progress in:

  • Fighting for women’s rights to control their own bodies;
  • Expanding healthcare, including telehealth and rural healthcare;
  • Delivering broadband to millions of Californians;
  • Protecting workers and retirees;
  • Supporting firefighters, preventing wildfires, and compensating fire victims;
  • Fighting for fair treatment and equal opportunity for immigrants;
  • Investing millions to revitalize Clearlake and local economies;
  • Making it easier to pass local measures to increase housing and improve infrastructure.

Her passion and appreciation for agriculture started when she was a child, working summers and after school on the farm, and as a co-owner of the family farm. As a member of the Assembly Ag Committee, Cecilia is fighting for the ag industry and particularly small, family farmers.

Cecilia was honored as one of Congressman John Garamendi’s 2015 Women of the Year.

Cecilia has a long history of volunteering for her community. She has been Chair of the Yolo Housing Commission, Vice-Chair of the Yolo County Water Association, and served on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Council of Governments.

As the first woman Mayor of Winters, Cecilia’s worked to secure computers for every 6th-grader in the city, bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband to rural communities, build a state of the art senior housing development, and establish an ag innovation hub in Yolo County.

Understanding that jobs are the lifeblood of our communities, Cecilia helped bring a $75 million PG&E training facility to Winters. She also worked to establish the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, to protect environmental lands across five counties.

Cecilia’s hard work on a wide range of issues has earned her broad support and recognition across the district, including these awards:

  • “Women Who Mean Business” from the Sacramento Business Journal
  • One of Congressman Garamendi’s “Women of the Year” for 2015
  • “California Emerging Technology Broadband Champion” for her leadership in promoting improved, affordable broadband access throughout the region
  • Honored by the Yolo County “Women’s History Committee”
  • Winters Chamber of Commerce 2014 “Citizen of the Year”
  • California State Fair “2015 Champion of Technology Award”
  • 2017 Solano Transportation Authority Legislator of the Year
  • California County Boards of Education Outstanding Legislator Award of 2018
  • Champion for Children Award, 2018
  • Women’s Legislators Pacesetter Award, 2019
  • 90/100 Courage Score, 2020
  • Alzheimer’s Association Legislator of the Year for 2020
  • 95% legislative scorecard with California Labor Federation

In 2012, Cecilia was elected the first woman Mayor of Winters.

Above all, Cecilia is a proud mother and grandmother.